Hi, I'm Adam. I work as a Freelance Theatre Producer and Director in London and the author of New Rock Musical, ​​​LoveStuck. Please take a look around my website, and get in touch to discuss your theatre project.
Theatre Producer - Director - Writer
Hello and thanks for taking time to look around my website.

I am passionate about creating theatre, enthusing my work with my personality and thriving by creating theatrical and creative opportunities for other artists. I believe the best creativity comes from a fun and focussed environment where theatrical imagineers can collaborate and create whilst being totally free to explore ideas. As a Producer and Director, I hope I can bring this ethic into all my work in the theatrical realm
- and have a little fun along the way!
My style of Producing and Directing is highly collaborative and focussed. I will take time to get to know you as an artist and understand your vision for your theatre project. I will then take your passion and enthuse it into actors making the realisation of your project an exciting experience for all involved.
I like to create opportunities for all creators of theatre, from artists to the more technical minded - and of course, all the people behind the scenes that make the show work!

I work with a very positive outlook, and this is something I encourage in everyone I work with. Theatre creating should be a fun experience - nobody says it's easy, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy doing it!
As a Director and Writer, I can be as involved as you like throughout the process. I enjoy hosting the casting sessions and helping bring your characters from the page into full realisation on the stage.

Finding the right people for your Cast and Crew is very important - these are the people that will surround you as we work together to create your production.