Hi, I'm Adam. I work as a Freelance Theatre Producer and Director in London and the author of New Rock Musical, ​​​LoveStuck. Please take a look around my website, and get in touch to discuss your theatre project.
Theatre Producer - Director - Writer

Welcome to Studio ​A.​​

Alongside my creative work in theatre (be it writing, or directing) I also work as an interior designer, particularly specialising in high-end bathrooms around Surrey and South West London. This part of my website is dedicated to sharing my thoughts, stories, and goings-on in my day to day life - whether I'm writing, in a rehearsal room, or at my desk designing. Studio A is my space where I write, conjour ideas and concepts, and design. I hope you enjoy reading and please do feel free to contact with any questions - theatre, or design, related. Enjoy.

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