Hi, I'm Adam. I am a professional writer and aspiring LGBT author. Alongside my novels Patchwork and Cameron, I penned the british rock musical LoveStuck which premiered in London's Off West End in 2017.

Outside my realms of writing, I also happen to be a published interior designer with designs featured in Ideal Home and KBB Magazine.

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Professional Writer & Interior Designer

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Interior Designer

With a specialism in English Language and Literature, and as author of british rock musical LoveStuck, I love creating characters and worlds for audiences and readers to enjoy. I specialise in creating LGBT fiction that is widely accessible and tells the story of modern day love and life. 

Alongside my fictional worlds, I also offer writing services to professionals from individuals to small/medium businesses that don't have the time to dedicate to an online presence, or simply aren't sure where to start. I love writing, so let me do it for you!

I design with life in mind. Creating bespoke interior designs using CAD that not only look beautifully original but are practical for living in is what I do best. Originating from the high street as an expert designer for a well-known brand, I was headhunted to join a local luxury bathroom firm. Whilst working here, I have developed my design portfolio to create designs and bathrooms that have now been featured locally and nationally in Ideal Home and KBB Magazine.
Not sure where to start for your interior project? Whether you're planning a build and aren't sure what dimensions to allow, or if you're working with an existing space, get in touch and let's chat design!
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Here's What People Have To Say...

  1. Actress, Northern, Funny, Comedienne, Actor, Charlotte Knowles, Pantomime

    Working with Adam has been fantastic. He's a thoughtful director and really helped to develop my character but also allowed me to bring my own ideas to the piece. He was hugely supportive and he allowed us a lot of artistic license. Would definitely work with him again.

    Charlotte Knowles - Comedienne/Actress

  2. Sharon Tracey Wright, Author, Writer, Producer, Theatre Producer, Friller, Play, Journalist

    Then the director Adam arrived and I started to feel better. He really does know what he’s doing and radiates infectious confidence, competence, and encouragement.

    Sharon Tracey Wright, Theatre Producer

  3. Abigail Halley, Actor, Writer, Author, IMDB

    It was a total pleasure to work with Adam on The Social Notwork. Down to earth and approachable, he is a great director who brings out the best in his actors. He's always smiling and his positive approach makes for a happy rehearsal room which means everyone is free to explore and experiment in a playful environment. It goes without saying that I would love to work with Adam again!

    Abigail Halley - Actor/Writer/Author

  4. The production as a whole is competently staged and directed by Adam Wollerton…

    The Upcoming

  5. Adam Wollerton’s fluid direction utilises not only the whole of the stage, but also a good part of the auditorium.

    Plays To See

  6. Malcolm Jeffries, Just Seventeen, Model, Man, Actor, Presenter

    Adam is very much an actors director while still maintaining an overall creative 'directors' grasp on the production. His direction was clear and concise. Any questions I had as an actor on the text and role were answered with clarity. He was willing to let me try my ideas and when they worked more than happy to take my choices on board. But equally when he had a clear idea of the path to be taken he maintained his course and ensured that despite the possibitly of my feeling uneasy helped me take on board his ideas to act in confidence and to the distinct benefit of the production and my craft. Overall working with him was a fun and creative process making the rehearsal and performance of the play a very positive challenge.

    Malcolm Jeffries - Actor/Model/Presenter

  7. Shereen Roushbaiani, Actress, Actor, Funny, Comedienne

    A natural, enthusiastic, and patient Director, Adam's vision is inspiring and engaging. The creative process is shared and as an actor you are comfortable and motivated to explore new ideas that result in fantastic projects he gives life to. I have no doubt Adams talent will continue to take him to great success.

    Shereen Roushbaiani - Actress/Comedienne

As a professional writer and interior designer, I love meeting new people and seeing how we might work together. My work ethic is always based around a collaborative approach giving us flexibility to build a way to make your project work.

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If you are looking for a professional writer or an interior designer, however big or small you feel your project is, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. I love meeting new people and we can discuss budgets on a project by project basis ensuring I am able to assist you at a cost that is comfortable to you as the client.

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